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Currently a Master Electrician with an extensive background in the Electrical‚ Mechanical and Construction Trades. My history includes the R&D‚ marketing and manufacturing of products for wholesale distribution. I first began my career in the automotive Service and Repair business and later focused on the restoration of classic and antique autos.

It seems I am compelled to take things apart just to see what makes them tick. Sometimes I would put them back together‚ but often was the case‚ once my curiosity was satisfied I tossed them aside. Well apparently WEB DOCUMENTS were no exception.

A few years ago while gaming online I ran into some interesting folks who I got to know very well. Soon I was invited to join their clan. At that time in the Clan’s history there were a hundred plus members‚ making it difficult to know every members name‚ let alone forge lasting friendships. Thats when I met my good friend Rhino‚ who’s knowledge and influence fueled my interests in learning WEB DOCUMENT PUBLISHING. I was impressed at how he was able to create‚ manipulate and publish documents in mere minutes. He educated me in the basics of HTML and guided me as I produced my first simple documents. Little did he know the amount of fuel he was tossing on the fire of my curious nature. I can not thank him enough for all the knowledge and assistance he has provided me. His input is still a major source of influence in my continuing education. Thanks Rhino!

If you build a fire you are left with two choices. Continue to fuel it‚ or douse the flames and move on. Needing more knowlege‚ the next logical step seemed to be learning CSS “cascading style sheets”. Fairly confident in the knowledge Rhino had provided‚ I was off to the book store. After a couple of hours of scanning through all the books on CSS‚ I finally made my decision. I purchased “CASCADING STYLE SHEETS – THE DESIGNER"S EDGE” by Molly E. Holzschlag. I found this book to be an easy read‚ simple to follow‚ understand‚ and logically organized. Confident‚ I made a solid investment and armed with this new knowledge‚ I began to incorporate it into my documents. Molly’s book introduced me to another author Eric Meyer. Much of this site’s original layout was inspired after a visit to Eric’s Complexspiral Demo Page. I was intrigued by its simplicity‚ style‚ layout and navigation. I took the code and adapted it to fit my needs. The credit for this site’s original look goes to Eric Meyer. Reflecting back on my purchase‚ I had originally narrowed my decision to two publications. Molly’s and one by Eric Meyer‚ titled “Eric Meyer On CSS”. My final decision was based solely on what I could afford to spend. I highly recommend either one‚ or both of these publications to any novice wanting to learn CSS. They also introduced me to WEB STANDARDS‚ which made all the knowledge my friend Rhino shared with me make sense.

Where does it all end? It doesn’t. The more I learn the more I realize how much there is still to learn. The WEB is a dynamic place‚ always evolving. Standards and coding languages are in a constant state of development. There will always be something new to fuel the fires of anyones curiosity.

Why this Place

This site exists so I can continue to develop my skills and knowledge of Web Document publishing. Also‚ as a place to share my thoughts‚ ideas and knowledge with anyone who might have an interest.

Again‚ thanks to my good friend Rhino for all the help he has offered me in the past and for the help he will undoubtedly provide me in the future. Also many thanks to my Wife who has put up with the countless hours I've spent in front of a computer.

Friday, 22nd of September 2023 3:13 PM

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